Tuesday, November 3, 2009

that rabbit belongs to emily brown

While at the school Book Fair a few weeks ago, I came across this book titled "That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown". Even though I had never heard of it, nor read it before, I kept coming back to it, it just looked like a good book to me. Finally I gave in and decided to buy it, it appealed so strongly to me with all of it's cute and quirky illustrations, I felt like I couldn't lose. But once I got home it was immediately seized by my little ones who made off with it to read for themselves, and it kept getting passed from child to child until I finally found a moment to grab it and sit down to read it for myself. And I absolutely loved it. Hands down one of THE best childrens books I have read in a very long time. Cute story, cute characters, and wonderful illustrations, it is incredibly well done. My kids love it too, and I have been working on making a Stanley for some of my little kidlets to lug around, because everyone needs their own Stanley. I also found that there is another title by this author, "Emily Brown And The Thing" that looks just as wonderful, so I am looking to find a copy to buy presently. Have you read any good childrens literature lately?

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