Saturday, July 18, 2015

August's First Birthday

 Today is August's birthday, he is 1 year old.
This has been such a crazy, busy, hard, fantastic, wonderful year of many changes, adjustments, accomplishments and good things. We are so thrilled to have August here, he is such a sweet final addition to our family.
 Here he is at only a few hours old.
 And here he is, all snuggled up in his blanket right before we checked out of the hospital to go home. Oh my goodness, I can't get over how sweet and tiny he was!
I really wanted pictures of him on his actual birthday, so on Saturday morning I dressed him up in the little shortalls I sewed just for him and took him out to the backyard for some photos.
He was more than happy to stand by the wagon and play with the flag. He loved being able to wave it around, although a few times he did try to eat it.
 He is such a happy, easygoing boy and so very funny and sweet, we are all completely crazy about him!
It's so crazy to me to think that he is 1 year old today.
Look at this sweet boy!
 His hair just will not be tamed! No matter what I do, it sticks straight up, all on its own. It's so cute!
Oh that funny smile! He has the cheesiest grin, we love it when he scrunches up his face to smile. We all think he has the best sense of humor because whatever he laughs at, we laugh too because he is just so darn cute we can't help ourselves!
Happy 1st Birthday August!