Saturday, March 31, 2007

Before or After?

Do you like to have the enitre baby name picked out before the baby is born and tell everyone so that the baby is known by that name before being born, or do you prefer to wait and see what the baby looks like to settle on a name and then make an announcement? Have you done both, and it just depended on each child and situation? Do you have names picked out for future children? And do you have any baby name stories to tell? Any favorite names that you or your spouse love, but the other doesn’t like so you will never get to use it? Ever have any regrets or “lessons learned” with naming any of your children?
These are some of the names that were in the running with each of my children-
Dylan- Dylan, Elijah or Connor
Ciel- Abigail or Isobel/Isobella (I intended to use Ciel as part of her middle name, but it suited her better as her first name)
Noah-Noah, Jonah or Jonas
Haven- Haven, Erin, or Isobel/Isobella (we ended up using Erin as one of her middle names)
Mathes- Matheson, Brigham, Payson or Xavier
Gracen- Gracen, Emerson Jane.
I love the name “Jemima” for a girl and will never get to use it, Craig is dead set against it. Also, I learned to never give your child a name that is not visually pronounceable or they will spend the rest of their life with people stumbling all over the pronounciation at school, at the Dr’s office and basically everywhere. People mispronounce Ciel’s name all of the time, and had I spelled just a little differently, we never would have had this porblem, but it would have changed the French meaning of her name so I didn’t do it. We usually wait until the baby is born before making our final choice on the name, and we are still planning on doing that with this last baby as well. But I only have two first names I really like, and I’m 99.9% sure of the middle name, so it shouldn’t be too hard or take us very long to make the decision.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We’ve Been Known To Change Our Minds

Amy, you’re right, we are waiting until the baby is here before we tell any names. We have been known to think we are going in one direction with a name, then we take one look at our baby, and we realize the name we thought was “the one” isn’t working for us. Case in point- We were pretty sure we were going with the name Ian when I was pregnant with Noah and I knew his middle name no matter what was going to be William Robert for his two grandpa’s. But after he was born, while we both thought he looked like he could be an Ian, we both didn’t feel it was the right name for him. After a few days discussion, we decided Noah was it, we both love his name and we have never regretted our decision. But we had told most of our family we were thinking about the name Ian in the months prior to his birth, and there was a bit of confusion and several gifts addressed to ”Baby Ian” and cards telling “Baby Ian” how loved he was and how happy they were he was here safely. So in the interest of less confusion, and the fact that Craig and I have changed our minds before about baby names in the 11th hour, we’re going to wait. But, we will be calling almost everyone from the hospital when the baby arrives, so we should be able to tell you the name then.

Less Than 6 Weeks To Go…

I’m 33 weeks as of yesterday, the baby has not been up in my ribs at all, the kicking and movement is not painful, just active and consistent, and I’m getting a small amount of restful sleep (any is good at this point) thanks to the special mattress topper Craig bought for me. I am struggling with being as active as I want and need to be, with mobility being a big issue (I keep pulling a muscle in one of my legs), but I can deal with that for the next several weeks. I have enough to do at home to keep me busy so I don’t mind that I can’t get out too much these days, I guess I’m nesting. We are really in the countdown here, and I have less than 6 weeks to go. Yahoo! I can barely wait to meet this new little one. I’m set for clothes, I am almost done sewing the blankets and burp cloths I want to finish (I have always made each of my babies a blanket, so I have to get this one done), and Craig and I actually agree on a name, before the baby is here! Will wonders never cease, we usually don’t even begin deciding until after the baby is born, but we both agreed on this one almost from the beginning, how did that happen? Since I gave all of my other baby-slings away to friends and family I will need to make myself another one, but they go together fast enough that if I don’t get it done now I know I could still make one in a pinch even after the baby arrives. Frankly I feel really ready. Ok, so I still haven’t even started on my hospital bag, but I still have time! At least I hope I do. My Doctor has already told me he is taking me early to prevent complications with the GBS, we just don’t know for sure how early.  And is it weird that I like labor? I really do, because it means it’s the end, and I’ll be holding my baby very soon. Thank heavens for those great “fast labor” genes!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

32 Weeks and Man The Harpoons!

The baby is head down, the heartbeat is strong and normal, I weighed the same so no weight gained since last visit (yes really) and I’m measuring exactly at 32 weeks. The Dr. asked me if I’m any bigger this time around than previous pregnancies, and when I said yes he explained it wasn’t the baby’s size that’s making me bigger, it’s the number of pregnancies, the number of times my stomach muscles have been stretched, and the amount of water I’m carrying too. He said he doesn’t think this is a large baby, just my muscles in their 7th pregnancy combined with lots of amniotic fluid. So when I lay down my belly seems normal, but when I stand up I seem huge. Ok, I just seem huge to me, but most pregnant women feel huge at the end anyways, although I’m still feeling cute and pregnant and I like my baby belly. I had some crazy swelling in my legs and feet earlier this week (and I do mean crazy) that caused them to look like tree trunks for about two days, it was weird. He told me that while it would be extremely rare for me to come down with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension in my 7th pregnancy, it’s not out of the realm of possibilty, and to come right in next time for a quick check for safety’s sake (but if I did have it, he said he would personally be writing my case up for publication, it was that unusual, but again, not impossible).    We also talked about what would happen if this baby were breech (which thankfully it’s not), given my previous history of deliveries, if a “version” didn’t work (where they manually manipulate your stomach to try and turn the baby which I’ve heard it’s not pleasant), he would bring in a specialist for a consult and then go ahead and let me deliver without a c-section. He said as long as I was comfortable with it, and depending on how the feet were positioned, it would be safer than a surgical c-section for me. I thought that was interesting, and frankly I would prefer that over a c-section if I could, but since the baby has already been kind enough to turn, I don’t have to deal with that. But good to know. So all is well, we’re still doing great, and if I could just beat this lame acid reflux, it would be even better. But seriously, I can’t complain, I am so close to being done and having this little one here, I am really excited. And what a huge difference between my November & January pics and the ones I took today, talk about good growing!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Random Bits Of Information

-I hate cucumbers and most varieties of squash with every fiber of my being, except for zucchini and yellow squash.
-at our house, my children refer to all cereal as “bees”
-I don’t even attempt to potty train my children until after they turn 3. But it only takes me one week and they’re done and out of diapers.
-I wasn’t an American citizen until I was 22. I even had to study for and take the test, and was then sworn in as an American Citizen.
-Craig was a witness in a murder trial, but the defendant took a plea bargain so he never had to testify.
-two of my favorite movies, ever, are Braveheart and Gladiator (edited), I cry everytime. To me, these movies are romantic.
-I used to squeeze myself into my little sisters ballerina outfit (it was way too small for me) and make up “dances”, and while showing my Dad my “dance routine”, twirled into a cabinet door and knocked myself out cold.
-I watch cartoons even when my children are nowhere around.
-I hated the move “Ghost”, mocked it, and don’t think it’s romantic in any way.
-I made several of my siblings nearly suffer heat stroke in the back of our family station wagon one summer at Yellowstone Park because I didn’t want to open my window to circulate some cooler air for them. I claimed it was because it would dry out my contacts, but the truth was I didn’t want to mess up my hair.
-I didn’t wear maternity clothes with my first three pregnancies because I wasn’t big enough and they looked absolutely ridiculous on me.That all ended with baby #4.
-Craig used to be an E.M.T.
-My parents first kiss was the night they got engaged.
-I used to have recurring dreams when I was a little girl that I was the real Wonder Woman
-my favorite name for a little girl is ”Jemima”, but it would never work here in the States (it’s widely used in England). Nevertheless, if Craig had let me I still would have used it, but he said “no way”.
-Craig and I eloped and were married for several weeks before we told anyone. And we wouldn’t have told anyone for a while longer, then we discovered I was pregnant.

-I love the movie “The Bodyguard” and the song “I will Always Love You” and I’m not really sure why.

-I have been hit by a car twice while riding my bike and came away both times with just bruises and a mangled bike (I was 13 & 14). I have never ridden a bike since then, even after my parents bought me another one right after for Christmas. I never touched it.
-The only car accident I have ever been in was one block from my house. I had Heidi and my two oldest children (2 & 4 at the time) in the car with me, and I was not at fault. A girl blew through the yield sign at the intersection and hit our car so hard it flipped us on our side and turned us to face the way we had just come from. We walked away with only a few bruises.
-I’m deathly afraid of any and all spiders. I can’t even look at or touch pictures of them in the science and nature books my kids bring home from school from time to time.
-I really hate apple juice, and yet my family serves it at every single family dinner we have. And for some reason I drink it, hating it the entire time, but still drink it.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sad...But True.

I was with my son Dylan and his friend Jake at the store, we've paid for our stuff and we're heading out of the store.
Dylan:  Mom, wait, Jake and I are going to run back really quick, we need to look at something, we'll catch up to you in a minute.
Me: No, we don't have time for that, I have to get back and start making dinner, I''m already late as it is.
Dylan: No worries Mom, since your so big and pregnant and can’t walk that fast, we'll have no problem catching up to you. See you in a minute! (and they dash off)
Darnit. He was right. They met up with me before I even made it to the car.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My Opinion On Certain Baby Items...

-With a newborn, I have discovered all that I need in the 0-3 and 3-6 months size clothing is a lot of onesies, socks, sleepers, layette gowns and 3-4 nice outfits for the few times you will actually leave the house. (This may vary depending on the number of children you already have. Fewer children means more times you might actually leave the house. More children mean you are never getting out of here, who are you kidding! Adjust number of nice outfits accordingly.)
-Blankets with satin backing look posh, but in reality they suck rocks. It constantly feels like your baby is going to rocket out of your arms and slip to the floor every time you try and move them or pick them up when wrapped in one. Satin edging is fine, as long as it’s just the edges. Flannel and regular woven cottons are best, they can be made into any weight blanket for any season, and they wash up super soft too.
-I don’t use the crib for at the very least the first few months, usually longer. Most babies end up in bed with you no matter what you think, try, or do. But all is not lost, they do begin to sleep in the bassinet you quickly set next to your bed after you figure this out. Mine just end up in bed with me since I fall asleep after I get them to nurse during the night. But I have never had any problems transitioning any of my babies over to their cribs, so it has always worked out for me. So far.
-Those cute little scratch mitts in the baby department might seem like they are a necessity, but don’t be fooled, they NEVER work. Babies can pop them off faster than you can keep picking them back up and putting them back on again. Do not waste your time and money. What does work is a pair of little baby socks pulled over their hands, it gives them room to open and close their fists whilst staying snugly on since a sock is long enough to go down to their wrist, and will actually keep them from scratching their tiny little faces. Which babies do, over and over again, no matter how often you clip their nails.
-Baby Wipes usually end up becoming more than just a diaper changing tool. For me, I use them to clean sticky or dirty faces, hands, and tummies, and a lot of other stuff I’m sure they were never inteneded for, but work just the same. They are just so darn handy!
-Huge diaper bags are not needed, no matter how many children you have. A small to medium sized bag will really take care of all of your needs. C’mon, do you really need a huge, cavernous tote bag filled with half of your nursery and toy box, mixed in with a package of Nilla wafers crushed into dust on the bottom? Yeah, I didn't think so.
-Pull-Ups are really just pull-on diapers for big kids. I know it, and more importantly, my child knows it and will treat them as such. They are not a potty training tool.
-All of my children lost their baby teeth on a weekend, a Sunday, or a time when we had no change or a way to get any for the “Tooth Fairy”. After several fiascos involving a no-show with the Tooth Fairy and a very confused child, I have since kept a small stash of change and a dollar bill or two for just such an emergency. As you can see from a previous post, it paid off big time for Haven. I swear you never know when those teeth will come out, and it always catches you off guard.
-I personally swear by the sling carriers with my newborns when I go out in public. They swaddle, cradle and keep them snuggled up to you, all the while you actually have your hands free. It really works and my babies love them! Plus it keeps strangers from touching my little baby and spreading germs.Seriously, I am astonished at how often strangers feel like they can manhandle my tiny little baby. This stops them from doing that. Durn Strangers!
-A Boppy is one of my most frequently used items with each of my babies, and I have ended up buying a new one each time since I wear them out. For me they are worth every penny, and then some. I love them!
-There is no such thing as too many burp cloths.
-I always carry a travel size scented body spray or scented lotion in my diaper bag. This way if there is an accidental spit-up on me and I'm not able to change my outfit, I won’t have to go the rest of the time smelling like baby puke. I can just give myself a quick spritz or a squeeze of lotion either all over or just on the offending spot. Baby pukies happen a lot, and you might as well smell nice for yourself and those around you.
-For the first few months with a newborn I keep a basket with a good handle and fill it with my baby necessities. This way I am able to grab, with only one hand, all of the stuff I will need for diaper changes, spitups and such so I always have it nearby no matter where I am in the house, and I don;t have to go hunting anything down the first little while. My basket holds several diapers, travel wipes, hand sanitzer, diaper cream, 2-3 burp cloths, baby lotion, spare onesie, socks and a sleeper (sometimes a water bottle and a granola bar for me). This way I can even ask one of my kids to just grab the basket for me and I have everything I need right there. Otherwise I am hunting down everything for each diaper change or accident, and this way I can save myself the headache. I refill the basket each night when I have a minute.
-Granola bars, individual yogurts and bottled water are a lifesaver for a busy Mom with a new baby, nursing or not. It might seem like a waste to buy individual bottles of water, but I find if I do get them that I tend to drink more since it’s easier to grab one and go anywhere. A glass of water just has too much potential for spilling, and water bottles have caps. Granola bars or yogurt can give you a quick boost in between meals or even as a good snack. As weird as it sounds, I get so busy taking care of my kids that I forget to eat a lot of the time, so I try and keep these on hand so I don’t go too long between meals.
*Please note: These are all my own personal preferences and opinions, not intended to insult or offend anyone. You can shoot me down and tell me off too if you want, I do not think I am ANY sort of final opinion or authority, these are just my thoughts on this stuff. The only “absolute”, is that there are no “absolutes”.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Still Growing

I had another Dr. appointment today, and I was in and out of his office in less than 30 minutes, I truly  appreciate that they don’t overbook their patients there, I never have to wait long. I am measuring dead on and not ahead as I have in the past before, even though my belly is gigantic! Ok, so I’m exaggerating a bit, but I am the biggest I have ever been, and thankfully it’s all in my belly, so I have no complaints. The Dr. said I have a lot of water and the baby is just moving and stretching all over the place, but with a few weeks growth that will change very fast. The baby has still not turned (not time to worry about that yet) and has decided to hang out laying sideways with the head on my left and the feet on the right. My glucose test came back very low, which is great, and all of my other bloodwork was normal as well. The Dr. also discussed my previous labors with me and what I would like this time around and what did I feel comfortable with and what did I not want to do. My main goal is to get the baby here safely and whatever happens along the way, happens, I just want my baby to get here safely. The thought of a c-section terrifies me (Banna, I stand in awe of you woman) but I will do whatever is necessary, including that. And my deepest love and thanks to my sweet husband who ran right out and bought a brand new super thick memory foam mattress topper for our bed after I broke down sobbing after waking up yet again in horrible pain in my hips and back. Yeah, it was bad. But not anymore, I have actually been able to sleep comfortably, well at least as comfortably as you can with a pregnant belly, but still, I'm finally sleeping pain free. Now to see if I can get the rest of my projects done in time for this little one, the time is going way too fast, and this sweet babe will be here before I know it, and I'm not ready just yet!