Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We’ve Been Known To Change Our Minds

Amy, you’re right, we are waiting until the baby is here before we tell any names. We have been known to think we are going in one direction with a name, then we take one look at our baby, and we realize the name we thought was “the one” isn’t working for us. Case in point- We were pretty sure we were going with the name Ian when I was pregnant with Noah and I knew his middle name no matter what was going to be William Robert for his two grandpa’s. But after he was born, while we both thought he looked like he could be an Ian, we both didn’t feel it was the right name for him. After a few days discussion, we decided Noah was it, we both love his name and we have never regretted our decision. But we had told most of our family we were thinking about the name Ian in the months prior to his birth, and there was a bit of confusion and several gifts addressed to ”Baby Ian” and cards telling “Baby Ian” how loved he was and how happy they were he was here safely. So in the interest of less confusion, and the fact that Craig and I have changed our minds before about baby names in the 11th hour, we’re going to wait. But, we will be calling almost everyone from the hospital when the baby arrives, so we should be able to tell you the name then.

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