Monday, August 30, 2010

the first day, minus pictures

Today was the first day of school. I had spent the day before baking mini cookies and making sandwiches so that I could pack their lunches and have everything ready, which made our morning that much easier. Once breakfast was done, the five little ones each donned their backpacks and we headed out the door. Finn was wearing his backpack only because he wanted to be just like the big kids, but school doesn't start for him until Thursday. I felt like a mother duck heading up the line and my little ones following right behind me on our short walk to the school. All of them were a bit nervous and wanted me to walk each of them to their classroom. Except Mathes. He didn't seem to care one bit whether I was there or not, and just walked in and sat at his desk without a single backwards glance at me. Funny boy. Gracen was not so ready for me to go, so I walked her into class, and helped her hang up her coat and bag and get her name tag. Once that was done however, the teacher came over to see what activity she wanted to do, and Gracen was off to play, looking quietly happy and excited to be there. I did manage to sneak in a goodbye hug and kiss beforehand, and then Finn and I set off for home. Yes, the house is very quiet, but I am tired enough that I am ok with it, the last few weeks have been so busy, I am ready for a break. Now to try and keep Finn entertained until the rest of the kidlets get home. Although I should make use of my time and start looking for my camera, since I can't find it anywhere. Which means that of course I don't have any pictures of their first day of school. Total stinksville.