Wednesday, February 27, 2008

really? really...

Yesterday was the “Battle of the Bands” at the High School with four bands slated to play, and Dylan's (Thames St.) was one of them. The winner would go on to the big event to compete against all of the other bands chosen across the state. Of the four bands, Thames St., B.A.H., 30 Below and ‘no name’, Thames St. and B.A.H. were the two heavy favorites, each with fiercely loyal fans, and some similar music stylings (Thames St. and B.A.H. are all friends).
Each band took the stage, with Thames St. and B.A.H. each whipping the crowd into a frenzy during their set, garnering standing ovations after each song from the entire audience. The other two bands also sounded good, but the crowds reaction was noticelably subdued, and no standing ovations. The judges were given until today to decide, with 12 students on the panel, and one teacher as the tie breaker and given the final word as to the winner. As it turned out, the 12 students vote was split, right down the middle, 50/50, with 6 votes for Thames St., and 6 for B.A.H. So the teacher steps in to give her vote, and decides that since it’s a tie, well, neither of those bands win, the other band ‘30 Below’ with zero votes is the winner. Umm…..WHAT ?!?!?!?!?
When it was announced in school today, most thought it was a mistake, they’re kidding right? No, they weren’t kidding, that was the decision, neither of the two favorite bands that had tied to win were advancing to the final round. So, Dylan's band will just have to keep on playing, and practicing, and maybe they will decide to do this again next year. Although, if this is the way they handle the voting and judging, maybe not. If they were going to just have one single teacher make the ultimate decision, why even have  a panel of 12 student judges vote?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

exploring and discovering

These are my favorite pants on Finn, he looks so cute in them. I have another pair I made with a fun skull and crossbones print, lined in a red striped flannel for even more “Arrrrr Matey!” factor. And while I think they’re cute, fun and “piratey” on him, these are still my first pick to dress him in. Either way though, nothing says “snuggle me” like soft, flannel lined pants during the cold weather.
I took this pic a little over a month ago, before Finley was overly mobile. Nowadays, Finn is crawling everywhere, and into whatever he can find. He is picking up anything and everything, and putting it directly into his mouth, giving me more than one moment of panic as I try to fish one choking hazzard after another out of his mouth. Man his teeth are sharp! And I think my vacuum needs replacing since I use it everyday, and still, Finley manages to find something “tasty” to snack on when my back is turned. Finn has also decided the kitchen floor is his new favorite hangout, spending his mornings exploring every corner in there, and quite content with his independence. I think he likes it because he can now get in to where everyone else always seems to be. Crawling has given him a happy freedom he has been longing for. I think as soon as he can walk, I will only ever see the back of his head as he runs from one thing to the next.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not Much of a Hallmark Moment

I am not a “card” kind of person. I hate trying to pick one out at the store, and feel dumb trying to think of the right thing to inscribe on the inside. I can’t do it. I think I’m missing some crucial “card giving” gene, it just isn’t something I do well at all. I worry and fret far too much about the card, and what it says, and how the recipient might interpret it, and then just end up with a headache over some silly little old card. Now my sister-in-law, she makes  her own cards, all by hand. They are beautifully hand crafted, all individually made with loving care, with hand written sentiments inside, each one a miniature work of art to be saved and treasured long after the special occasion has passed. And not just a handmade card every once in a great while, but one for each of us for every birthday and anniversary, every year. And believe me, these cards are not made to take up the extra time she has, because she is swamped  with her family, and school, and work….I still have no idea how she does it, but believe me, I am in total awe of her talents. (love you Debi!)
   And then there is me. I just spent a good hour the other day, standing in a daze in front of the huge  card section the other day, trying to find a nice card for my dear friend’s birthday. I finally found one that was good enough, but frankly, not amazing, but I bought it anyways. Then I proceeded to attempt the even more difficult task of trying to think of the best message to write on the inside. So I start, get a third of the way into it, and screw it up. So of course now I feel like crying because I had spent all that time picking out the dumb card, and then went and made a total mess out of it. So I cut off the bottom part of the card, and instead wrote a brief, and somewhat halting sentiment on the back of the what would normally have been the front of the card, stuffed it into it’s envelope, and gave it to her with the gift I had for her as well. She’s still speaking to me, so it must have been ok, but I still managed to waste more time than was necessary agonizing over that dopey card all the same. There has to be an easier way. Not that I have any idea what it might be…

Friday, February 1, 2008


Haven decided Finn made the perfect doll for her stroller, and buckled him in. She pushed him all over the house, much to his absolute and total delight, he loved it! If she stopped for any length of time, he let her know it was time to get moving again, and off they went. He laughed, giggled, smiled and squealed the whole way, Finley thought there was nothing so fun as this!

   The girls think of him as a living doll, and Finn is usually very happy to oblige them, playing along with their little maternal instincts, and subjected to a lot of fawning and extra attention. He loves all of the fun of being the baby, and is happiest when he is in the middle of all of the chaos. Which is a very good thing since there tends to be a lot of chaos on most days.

   Today, Finley is 9 months old, and still the happiest, most easy going baby. Finn always has a smile at the ready for anyone, and lots of giggles not far behind. He is in constant motion, his little body begging to be able to run right along with the other children, and it’s his biggest frustration that he can’t just yet. His especially sweet, happy and animated demeanor is enjoyed by all of us, and he is often fought over as everyone loves to make him laugh. I can hardly get enough of his baby giggles myself, they are so precious, and make me laugh right along with him. We love our Finley.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

time for a recap

An early morning phone call. Chatting with our ever cheerful realtor. More showings, more cleaning, more stress, more thoughts on why we are doing this. Small child pounding on the bathroom door, begging to be let in. One bathroom. Nine of us. Oh yeah, that’s why we’re doing this. Hope the house is ready in time. Hope I have everyone ready to bolt out the door before the showing. Still trying to find a home big enough for us to live in forever. I don’t want to do this again any time soon. My house is semi-clean, I’m still in my pajamas. Little ones are dressed, and I still don’t know where my clean clothes are. Lunchtime, what to make. Mac and cheese, sliced peaches on the side, milk to drink, it’s always popular. Another trip to the school to pick up the kids. It’s a half day, feels like we only just dropped them off. So cold, but not nearly as freezing as yesterday. Still searching online for any new home listings. Miracles happen, new homes are listed every day. One for us? Hmmm, not today. Maybe tomorrow. Another phone call, another showing scheduled. I appreciate our realtor. I’m so glad for her help. Thoughts on how it would be without an agent. Nightmarish. So thankful we have her. More cleaning, now my dishes are done. Hmmm, what to do with three baskets of clean, unfolded laundry. No time, just put them in the back of the van. Bundle the kids up, load them into the van again and drive away slightly crazed. Baskets of laundry fall over in the back seat, children crying and sick of yet another pointless car ride. Finally, it’s been an hour, the showing should be done, we can head back home. Dinnertime. What to make, and fast. Forget it. Dialing for pizza. Toss a salad to assuage guilt. Everyone is fed. Bathtime. Back outside to retrieve clean pajamas from the laundry in the back of the van. Bedtime. Teeth brushed, potty time, prayers said, tucked in, kisses, hugs and love, lights out. Calls for another drink of water, hug, kiss. Tucked back in, and back in again. Lights out again. One more drink. Another trip to the bathroom, another drink of water. Tucked in once again. Lights out for good. Finally they’re alseep. Just in time for nothing on TV worth watching. Not enough time to drag out my sewing. Try to stay awake, give up, stumble to bed. What a day.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

i love it...

I love little baby mohawks, especially on my own little guy,
he looks completely adoarble sporting one.
Although, that’s probably because he is  completely adoarble,
with or without the rockin little ‘do.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Better Late Than Never...

Well, it was a nutty, crazy, busy, exciting, peaceful, happy, family fun filled Christmas for us, and I am finally getting back to my blog now that I have found a spare minute to post. We had a wonderful holiday, I loved every minute of it, and my children keep telling me how much they loved it all too. And yes, I am totally copying Holly and Anne with this style of post, so here goes:
 -We had a fantastic Christmas, and a really fun and wonderful day together. I opted out of a huge Christmas Day dinner, and instead kept it all very simple, and then went for the big guns on New Years Day with a big ham dinner. I think this is something I will be doing again next year, it really worked for us, and it gave me a chance to relax and enjoy Christmas Day with everyone else.

-For Christmas this year, I made each of my children a pair of flannel jammy pants as well as a snuggly fleece robe to go with it, and for Finn I made a pair of reversible pajamas. They all looked so cute, and it kept them nice and warm too.

 -The family Christmas party was lots if fun, and the live nativity went off far better than I expected, the kids were so cute!
-Heidi made another awesome cheese ball, this one had bleu cheese and cranberries in it, yum!
 -The surprise breakout present that ALL of the kids (my children and nieces and nephews too) have been crazy over? The Honeybee Hop, by Playskool. Gracen got it for Christmas, and so far everyone has loved it, even the older kids have played with it. Who knew? I can’t recommend it highly enough!
-Another big hit? The ‘Easy Link’ by Fisher Price. They love it!
-This seemed to be the year of the video mp3 player, we all seemed to get/give one. I didn’t know I would love mine as much as I do, but it’s awesomely fun, and oh so convenient!
-I bought High School Musical for Haven (she LOVES it!), and Amy, you were so right, what a cute movie!.
 -I am still sewing with almost every spare minute, so I am sorely behind in blogging, but so happy with all that I have been making. For starters, I made both Haven and Gracen a flannel nighty, and then a matching nighty for their favorite doll too. Now they don’t want to wear anything else to bed. I also had fun making Mathes and Noah matching pajama pants with a fun breakfast them print on them. Doesn’t everyone want pancakes on their pajamas?
-It was so crazy and busy, I never did get a single card mailed out. Heck I didn’t even get the cellophane off the box the cards came in, so just know that you weren’t snubbed, I’m just swamped and completely behind. I’m still hoping to come through though, better late then never, right?
-We re-listed our house, and are once again getting lots of calls for showings. Crossing our fingers for a buyer soon!
 Finley is 8 months old now and loves sitting and playing with his toys, got his third tooth on New Years Eve, and suddenly he began to “talk” on friday (the 4th), and has been babbling on and on ever since. He continues to be Ciel's favorite photography subject and he loves all of the attention showered on him by his big brothers and sisters. Finn is still incredibly happy and easy going, and lights up any room with his sweet little grins and infectious baby giggles.
-I got a beautiful new 7 qt. crock pot for Christmas, and I love it! It’s a thousand times better than my old one, and is the perfect size for us. Oh happy day!
-At Marky’s suggestion I gave Picasa a try and I’m in love! Such a dream to use, and a million times better than the other online web albums I had tried. Thanks Marky, you rock!
   I’m sorry, this was kind of scattered and all over the place, but I’m tired, it’s still crazy-busy over here, and I am just thrilled to have finally gotten a post up. Wish me luck getting another up soon, I’m going to need it. Anyways, we hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and I’m going to see if I can find more time in the coming days to post again. Who knows, miracles do happen, right?