Friday, December 14, 2007

Finn's First Teeth!

Finley got his first teeth today! He has been gumming stuff like crazy for the past little while, and this morning I noticed that two little teeth had finally broken through. And yes, since he often uses my finger to gum on (he’s such an animal!), I knew he was still toothless as of last night, and was fairly surprised that they came in that fast. He had been just as happy and smiley as always, with no signs of teething pain whatsoever. The best part is that he slept through the night, and never even made a peep (thank you son)! I can’t find my camera or I would have totally had a cute little money shot of his new little teeth. Oh well.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hasppiness Is A Folding Table In The Basement

A folding table in the basement for my sewing machines? Who knew that was where my happiness lay…well at least some of my happiness anyways.’ With the house on the market, my sewing table had to be put away. Which meant that I have been intermittently hauling everything in and out of the garage as time permitted, and working on my projects at the kitchen table during ‘off-peak’ hours. That got old REALLY fast. So, in the interest of Christmas, and all that I hold dear in my little sewing heart, Craig set up a big folding table in a corner of the basement for me to lay claim to, where I have now happily stationed myself with my sewing machine and serger. I am currently trying to get to as many of my urgent projects as I can, and I am having so much fun as I go. I missed my favorite creative outlet, and I am thrilled to be back at it again. At least until after Christmas, because once we re-list, I will have to pack it all up again in order to show off the “roomy attributes” of our house. But, in the mean time I am making the most of my temporary digs, and so far I have gotten quite a few things done. I will post more on them later, but for now, just know I am happily sitting at my folding table in the basement, and loving every sewing, crafting, stitching, seam ripping minute of it!