Tuesday, September 28, 2010

and that leaves us with three…

After much conversation and discussion, Craig and I managed to find several baby names we're considering. Four to be exact. And for the last few weeks we have felt good about the few we had picked out. That is, until now. A few nights ago while watching some of the new season premieres on tv, we heard one of the names on our short list used for a currently recurring character. On a seriously popular show. Uber popular. Ummm, how did we miss this? That character was there last season. We must not have been paying attention. Well, Craig must have been unconsciously storing that info because the name was one of his choices, although he swears he never remembered hearing the name on that show. Sigh. They were really using this name a lot. Not just once or twice, this character is quite prominent so the name was being said repeatedly. And it was really bugging me. And I'm not sure why. I think I just don't want my baby's name tied to an uber popular tv show. It's happened before. My oldest child, Dylan? Yeah, you cannot believe the amount of "90210" comments we got when we told people his name when he was born over 18 years ago. Remember "Dylan McKay"? Luke Perry's character? Yeah, him. For crying out loud, I have never even watched 5 minutes of it, let alone an entire episode, so why did everyone think we were naming our baby after that dumb show! Totally annoying. So this is really bugging me now. We aren't trying to find a name that no one else has, that's not the idea. It would just be nice not to have my baby's name tied to a show unless I am a die hard fan (so if this baby was a boy we would HAVE to name him 'Lenny'). So, we are down to three name possibilities. And sorry to say, but we're not telling what any of the names are because, as has happened before, we may chuck all of those names out and go for something completely off the list at the last minute. So you will just have to wait. The good news is we are down to mere weeks now. Eight and a half if you're counting. And no, I'm still not feeling ready, but I am feeling more at peace with my non-ready state.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

thirty weeks

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant (yay!) and I am so very grateful. I know, I know it's only going to get harder from here on out, but I don't care. It's so exciting to know it won't be much longer until we get to meet this new little one coming to our family. They are so worth it. I have even been able to sneak in some sewing here and there and I made a few blankets. The fabrics I am hooked on consist of a lot of blacks, whites and grays mixed with color. Yellow and gray, black and white with turquoise, black, white and gray with lavender, but most especially gray and pink. They're all so fun. The only non-fun thing so far? Fighting off the heartburn and a seriously lame sinus infection. I'm winning against the sinus infection. The heartburn? Most days yes, some days, not even close. Thank heaven for Tums, it gets the job done.