Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reagan at 9 months

Reagan has just started to crawl up on all fours, doing the commando crawl only half of the time now. She has two teeth on top and two on bottom, and she loves to sit in her highchair at meal times with us and eat whatever we're eating. She still isn't sleeping through the night, waking once, often two times a night. She is the worst sleeper of any of my babies, but also the easiest when it comes to entertaining herself. She doesn't seen to want to drink much more than 6 ounces from her bottle most times, and is far more interested in what is going on,around her than actually sitting still to eat. She has started growling at funny moments, and has occasionally given a single loud shriek when she is playing with her siblings. She can totally sit up herself with no problem, and enjoys crawling everywhere in the house she can go. She recently learned how to get up and over the step up from the living room, and has to be corralled in the living room with chairs and pillows if we want to keep her in one space.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Little Miss Lucy Lu

We had to have our sweet little Lucy put to sleep today. It was heartbreaking. I am so grateful for our wonderful vet for his incredible compassion as well as his awesome staff and the kindness they showed us today. As hard as it was to make the decision to let her go, I know we did the right thing. Lucy is no longer miserable, and she is once again her happy little self, running around being the funny, quirky little dog we all loved so much. Oh how I will miss her sweet little smashy face and her funny little snaggletooth.
My sweet little Lucy Lu March 28, 2004 - Feb. 25, 2013