Sunday, June 12, 2011

four month catch-up

A quick look back at March, April, May & June...

-Celebrated Dylan's birthday. My oldest baby is now 19 years old. I remember marveling at how beautiful Dylan was as I held him for the first time.
-Haven started horseback riding lessons at the end of May and she loves it! And I love watching her while she rides, she is just so cute.
-Another birthday was celebrated, and I sewed a fun and ruffly outfit for my cute little birthday girl to wear to school. Gracen loved waking up to the surprise and wearing it on her special day.
-On my 39th birthday I snapped a quick picture with a nearly 5 month old Jensen.
-Finn, Gracen, and Mathes all dressed up for Easter Sunday, 2011. Mathes looks shocked he's getting his picture taken, even though this is actually one of his "smiles" for pictures. Punk.
-For Finn's birthday this year I made him a Super Hero cape and mask....
....and he is off to save the world!
-Mathes got a turn being "Super" too.
-Ciel had all four of her wisdom teeth removed and a small crowded tooth in front pulled. Poor kid. But she recovered incredibly fast, and had little to no pain afterwards. Here she is with a mouth full of gauze. Next up for her, braces!
-Also...Dylan quit his day job to work full time managing local bands and moved out into his own place, and we turned his bedroom into a guest room. (Wanna visit? We now have somewhere for you to sleep!)
-Finn is pedaling a two wheel bike with training wheels, Jensen was 25 3/4- inches tall and 17lbs. at her 6 month check-up, I'm trying to figure out a way to own a horse again, Craig is planting a garden nearly twice the size of last years, we got a pair of zebra finches, and we have peaches growing on all three of our little peach trees.

Ok, all caught up? Good.

Friday, April 1, 2011

she’s an animal

I took Jensen in for her 4 month check-up today and she measured 23 inches long and weighed 12 lbs. 13 oz. putting her almost in the 50th percentile for weight. Her Dr. was surprised that she hasn't been sick yet (yay!), and how strong and physically active she is. Seriously, it was like trying to examine a wild animal. She was in a constant state of motion as she kicked, pushed, bucked, and scooted all over the exam table. She was determined to keep moving, there was no way Jensen was going to stay in one spot, she wasn't at all interested in holding still. Her Dr. got a good laugh out of it as she almost managed to launch herself right off the scale. He wasn't expecting her strength and activity level to say the least. Ah yes, one healthy and very active baby.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4 months and growing

(photo taken by her cousin Adler)

Jensen is 4 months old today, and after a slow start gaining weight, she has turned into quite the little chub. She weighed only 6 lbs. 10 oz at her 2 week check, so you know we're thrilled to see that at her 2 month check-up she weighed 9 1/2 lbs. , at 3 months she weighed 11 lbs., and now at 4 months she weighs 12 1/2 lbs. Pretty sure it's all in her cheeks too, their totally chubby and completely kissable! Here is a rundown of her "baby stats"....

-Sleeps from about 10pm-8am in her own bed (a co-sleeper in our room) without waking in the night (heaven!)

-Refuses to nap in her bed during the day though, only sleeping during daytime hours if she is in someones arm (punk!)

-Loves the pure entertainment her siblings offer her at every waking moment.

-Is a very happy, content, and smiley baby

-Loves to stick out her tongue.

-Is a true "Daddy's Girl", is happy to fall asleep in his arms and loves the sound of his deep voice.

-Loves to "talk" with all of her baby sounds.

-Giggled and laughed for the very first time Friday night (3-25-11).

-Currently fits perfectly into 3-6 month size clothing (which means she is close to outgrowing that size very soon)
-Still sporting a mohawk since her hair refuses to lie down. No amount of styling can tame it into submission, it's been this way since birth.

-She rarely spits up, and rarely has diaper "blowouts" (hooray!)
-She still has her hands up to her face all of the time. Just like she did right after she was born, and even before as seen in her ultrasound pics.

-Still the most popular person at our house.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jensen’s blessing dress

I had a lot of fun sewing Jensen's Blessing dress, and I love how it turned out. I apologize for the wrinkled dress and bad lighting/pictures, but I have little to no time these days with most of it taken up in caring for the baby along with the rest of my busy brood. I had to just get them taken 'as is' if I ever wanted to get this post done. Oh well, you'll just have to forgive me.

Never having worked with silk dupioni before, I worried it would be a repeat of my nightmarish first experience with velvet. As it turned out it was a dream to work with and I am planning a few more projects using silk dupioni again. Anyways, back to the blessing dress. I used a simple pattern as a jumping off point, and I just made it over to my liking. I changed the sleeves from short, puffed and gathered to a 3/4 length with a ruffle at the sleeves edge and no gathering at the shoulder.

I then shortened the length of the bodice, lengthened the skirt portion of the dress, and added an underskirt ruffle to the bottom hem of the dress that made it look like there was a second layer underneath, and then added pintucks on the bodice front and on the skirt of the dress. (I wish my pictures did the dress justice, they lighting is bad and the wrinkles are really doing more harm here than needed, but I am just going to have to stop fretting and just let it go. I don't have time to do any better right now, again, I'm sorry.)

I kept the bonnet simple by adding a row of pintucks along the crown and added a ruffle all around the edge so that it framed her cute face and tied it off with velvet ribbon.

I love, love, love the end result of the entire outfit, it was perfectly classic, modern, simple, and girly enough to suit little Jensen to a "T".

And to top it all off, Craig's Mom crocheted the most beautiful pair of little shoes for Jensen to wear with her Blessing dress on her special day. Here she is after the blessing in the little pink dress I changed her into for the family gathering at my house afterwards. I wanted to make sure her pretty little shoes could be seen, her Grandma's hard work needed to be shown off on her cute little grandbaby.

I made sure to get a quick shot of Jensen with Craig and I right after church, because I knew I would forget to do it later once I got busy. Jensen was ready to be done but humored me just long enough for this shot.

The next picture we took has her howling. Oh well, we were done anyways.

Jensen had a lovely Blessing day complete with gorgeous weather for those traveling from far away to attend, and lots of family, food and fun at our house afterwards as we celebrated her special day.

Friday, March 11, 2011

getting somewhere

So, after much testing, it has been determined that my son has ADHD and PDD-NOS. Not sure what that second one means? Basically he isn't Autistic and he doesn't quite meet all of the criteria for Aspergers either, but he is somewhere in the spectrum (this link on PDD-NOS explains it better than I can). We are feeling very relieved and happy to finally be getting some sensible answers for him. He is an incredibly smart, sweet, and tenderhearted little boy that has a great sense of fun, a deep imagination, and a lot of love for his family. And while he does great at home and seems to be thriving here, school and church are both a drastically different story, and a constant challenge for him and his teachers. So we are hopeful that we can gain the necessary tools and methods to better help him and to understand him more now that we know what we are dealing with. Although none of this changes the fact that he is still my little boy, as sweet, cute and funny as ever. He is just going to face some extra challenges along the way.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cotton prototypes

I can't find my camera, so until I do I can't post any pictures of my own, so in the meantime my writing will just have to do. Lame, I know. Anyways, I'm trying to make a blessing dress for Jensen. Yes, I have two other blessing dresses I made for and used on my other three girls, but they are both far too big for Jensen. What can I say, she's a smurf. So my plan is to sew one in a smaller size for Jensie.

To start, I bought 3 yards of Silk Dupioni last week, and instead of paying $75, I was able to get it for only $25 for all three yards (yay!). But, I have no intention of cutting into that beautiful bunch of expensive silk until I have the perfect dress pattern to us it with. So, I am in the midst of using some inexpensive cotton fabric to test out several different dresses, to make sure I not only get the sizing for Jesen right, but the overall look and style of the dress. It would kill me to sew up a dress with any old pattern using that gorgeous silk, just to end up with "any old dress". I want it to be just right for Jesen. Well, "just right" in my mind at least.

So my first test dress turned out allright, but it wasn't quite right. It's a good thing that I have three more dresses cut out and ready to try again. I feel good about my chances of getting it right soon. And whatever dresses I have left I will give to the D.I. so that some other little baby will be able to use them since it looks like I will most likely end up with 3 or 4 dresses made from the same purple print fabric once I'm done.

(pic of silk dupioni courtesy of google)