Friday, March 11, 2011

getting somewhere

So, after much testing, it has been determined that my son has ADHD and PDD-NOS. Not sure what that second one means? Basically he isn't Autistic and he doesn't quite meet all of the criteria for Aspergers either, but he is somewhere in the spectrum (this link on PDD-NOS explains it better than I can). We are feeling very relieved and happy to finally be getting some sensible answers for him. He is an incredibly smart, sweet, and tenderhearted little boy that has a great sense of fun, a deep imagination, and a lot of love for his family. And while he does great at home and seems to be thriving here, school and church are both a drastically different story, and a constant challenge for him and his teachers. So we are hopeful that we can gain the necessary tools and methods to better help him and to understand him more now that we know what we are dealing with. Although none of this changes the fact that he is still my little boy, as sweet, cute and funny as ever. He is just going to face some extra challenges along the way.

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