Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4 months and growing

(photo taken by her cousin Adler)

Jensen is 4 months old today, and after a slow start gaining weight, she has turned into quite the little chub. She weighed only 6 lbs. 10 oz at her 2 week check, so you know we're thrilled to see that at her 2 month check-up she weighed 9 1/2 lbs. , at 3 months she weighed 11 lbs., and now at 4 months she weighs 12 1/2 lbs. Pretty sure it's all in her cheeks too, their totally chubby and completely kissable! Here is a rundown of her "baby stats"....

-Sleeps from about 10pm-8am in her own bed (a co-sleeper in our room) without waking in the night (heaven!)

-Refuses to nap in her bed during the day though, only sleeping during daytime hours if she is in someones arm (punk!)

-Loves the pure entertainment her siblings offer her at every waking moment.

-Is a very happy, content, and smiley baby

-Loves to stick out her tongue.

-Is a true "Daddy's Girl", is happy to fall asleep in his arms and loves the sound of his deep voice.

-Loves to "talk" with all of her baby sounds.

-Giggled and laughed for the very first time Friday night (3-25-11).

-Currently fits perfectly into 3-6 month size clothing (which means she is close to outgrowing that size very soon)
-Still sporting a mohawk since her hair refuses to lie down. No amount of styling can tame it into submission, it's been this way since birth.

-She rarely spits up, and rarely has diaper "blowouts" (hooray!)
-She still has her hands up to her face all of the time. Just like she did right after she was born, and even before as seen in her ultrasound pics.

-Still the most popular person at our house.

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