Sunday, June 12, 2011

four month catch-up

A quick look back at March, April, May & June...

-Celebrated Dylan's birthday. My oldest baby is now 19 years old. I remember marveling at how beautiful Dylan was as I held him for the first time.
-Haven started horseback riding lessons at the end of May and she loves it! And I love watching her while she rides, she is just so cute.
-Another birthday was celebrated, and I sewed a fun and ruffly outfit for my cute little birthday girl to wear to school. Gracen loved waking up to the surprise and wearing it on her special day.
-On my 39th birthday I snapped a quick picture with a nearly 5 month old Jensen.
-Finn, Gracen, and Mathes all dressed up for Easter Sunday, 2011. Mathes looks shocked he's getting his picture taken, even though this is actually one of his "smiles" for pictures. Punk.
-For Finn's birthday this year I made him a Super Hero cape and mask....
....and he is off to save the world!
-Mathes got a turn being "Super" too.
-Ciel had all four of her wisdom teeth removed and a small crowded tooth in front pulled. Poor kid. But she recovered incredibly fast, and had little to no pain afterwards. Here she is with a mouth full of gauze. Next up for her, braces!
-Also...Dylan quit his day job to work full time managing local bands and moved out into his own place, and we turned his bedroom into a guest room. (Wanna visit? We now have somewhere for you to sleep!)
-Finn is pedaling a two wheel bike with training wheels, Jensen was 25 3/4- inches tall and 17lbs. at her 6 month check-up, I'm trying to figure out a way to own a horse again, Craig is planting a garden nearly twice the size of last years, we got a pair of zebra finches, and we have peaches growing on all three of our little peach trees.

Ok, all caught up? Good.

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