Wednesday, February 27, 2008

really? really...

Yesterday was the “Battle of the Bands” at the High School with four bands slated to play, and Dylan's (Thames St.) was one of them. The winner would go on to the big event to compete against all of the other bands chosen across the state. Of the four bands, Thames St., B.A.H., 30 Below and ‘no name’, Thames St. and B.A.H. were the two heavy favorites, each with fiercely loyal fans, and some similar music stylings (Thames St. and B.A.H. are all friends).
Each band took the stage, with Thames St. and B.A.H. each whipping the crowd into a frenzy during their set, garnering standing ovations after each song from the entire audience. The other two bands also sounded good, but the crowds reaction was noticelably subdued, and no standing ovations. The judges were given until today to decide, with 12 students on the panel, and one teacher as the tie breaker and given the final word as to the winner. As it turned out, the 12 students vote was split, right down the middle, 50/50, with 6 votes for Thames St., and 6 for B.A.H. So the teacher steps in to give her vote, and decides that since it’s a tie, well, neither of those bands win, the other band ‘30 Below’ with zero votes is the winner. Umm…..WHAT ?!?!?!?!?
When it was announced in school today, most thought it was a mistake, they’re kidding right? No, they weren’t kidding, that was the decision, neither of the two favorite bands that had tied to win were advancing to the final round. So, Dylan's band will just have to keep on playing, and practicing, and maybe they will decide to do this again next year. Although, if this is the way they handle the voting and judging, maybe not. If they were going to just have one single teacher make the ultimate decision, why even have  a panel of 12 student judges vote?

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