Tuesday, February 26, 2008

exploring and discovering

These are my favorite pants on Finn, he looks so cute in them. I have another pair I made with a fun skull and crossbones print, lined in a red striped flannel for even more “Arrrrr Matey!” factor. And while I think they’re cute, fun and “piratey” on him, these are still my first pick to dress him in. Either way though, nothing says “snuggle me” like soft, flannel lined pants during the cold weather.
I took this pic a little over a month ago, before Finley was overly mobile. Nowadays, Finn is crawling everywhere, and into whatever he can find. He is picking up anything and everything, and putting it directly into his mouth, giving me more than one moment of panic as I try to fish one choking hazzard after another out of his mouth. Man his teeth are sharp! And I think my vacuum needs replacing since I use it everyday, and still, Finley manages to find something “tasty” to snack on when my back is turned. Finn has also decided the kitchen floor is his new favorite hangout, spending his mornings exploring every corner in there, and quite content with his independence. I think he likes it because he can now get in to where everyone else always seems to be. Crawling has given him a happy freedom he has been longing for. I think as soon as he can walk, I will only ever see the back of his head as he runs from one thing to the next.

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