Friday, February 1, 2008


Haven decided Finn made the perfect doll for her stroller, and buckled him in. She pushed him all over the house, much to his absolute and total delight, he loved it! If she stopped for any length of time, he let her know it was time to get moving again, and off they went. He laughed, giggled, smiled and squealed the whole way, Finley thought there was nothing so fun as this!

   The girls think of him as a living doll, and Finn is usually very happy to oblige them, playing along with their little maternal instincts, and subjected to a lot of fawning and extra attention. He loves all of the fun of being the baby, and is happiest when he is in the middle of all of the chaos. Which is a very good thing since there tends to be a lot of chaos on most days.

   Today, Finley is 9 months old, and still the happiest, most easy going baby. Finn always has a smile at the ready for anyone, and lots of giggles not far behind. He is in constant motion, his little body begging to be able to run right along with the other children, and it’s his biggest frustration that he can’t just yet. His especially sweet, happy and animated demeanor is enjoyed by all of us, and he is often fought over as everyone loves to make him laugh. I can hardly get enough of his baby giggles myself, they are so precious, and make me laugh right along with him. We love our Finley.

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