Thursday, January 24, 2008

time for a recap

An early morning phone call. Chatting with our ever cheerful realtor. More showings, more cleaning, more stress, more thoughts on why we are doing this. Small child pounding on the bathroom door, begging to be let in. One bathroom. Nine of us. Oh yeah, that’s why we’re doing this. Hope the house is ready in time. Hope I have everyone ready to bolt out the door before the showing. Still trying to find a home big enough for us to live in forever. I don’t want to do this again any time soon. My house is semi-clean, I’m still in my pajamas. Little ones are dressed, and I still don’t know where my clean clothes are. Lunchtime, what to make. Mac and cheese, sliced peaches on the side, milk to drink, it’s always popular. Another trip to the school to pick up the kids. It’s a half day, feels like we only just dropped them off. So cold, but not nearly as freezing as yesterday. Still searching online for any new home listings. Miracles happen, new homes are listed every day. One for us? Hmmm, not today. Maybe tomorrow. Another phone call, another showing scheduled. I appreciate our realtor. I’m so glad for her help. Thoughts on how it would be without an agent. Nightmarish. So thankful we have her. More cleaning, now my dishes are done. Hmmm, what to do with three baskets of clean, unfolded laundry. No time, just put them in the back of the van. Bundle the kids up, load them into the van again and drive away slightly crazed. Baskets of laundry fall over in the back seat, children crying and sick of yet another pointless car ride. Finally, it’s been an hour, the showing should be done, we can head back home. Dinnertime. What to make, and fast. Forget it. Dialing for pizza. Toss a salad to assuage guilt. Everyone is fed. Bathtime. Back outside to retrieve clean pajamas from the laundry in the back of the van. Bedtime. Teeth brushed, potty time, prayers said, tucked in, kisses, hugs and love, lights out. Calls for another drink of water, hug, kiss. Tucked back in, and back in again. Lights out again. One more drink. Another trip to the bathroom, another drink of water. Tucked in once again. Lights out for good. Finally they’re alseep. Just in time for nothing on TV worth watching. Not enough time to drag out my sewing. Try to stay awake, give up, stumble to bed. What a day.

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