Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Less Than 6 Weeks To Go…

I’m 33 weeks as of yesterday, the baby has not been up in my ribs at all, the kicking and movement is not painful, just active and consistent, and I’m getting a small amount of restful sleep (any is good at this point) thanks to the special mattress topper Craig bought for me. I am struggling with being as active as I want and need to be, with mobility being a big issue (I keep pulling a muscle in one of my legs), but I can deal with that for the next several weeks. I have enough to do at home to keep me busy so I don’t mind that I can’t get out too much these days, I guess I’m nesting. We are really in the countdown here, and I have less than 6 weeks to go. Yahoo! I can barely wait to meet this new little one. I’m set for clothes, I am almost done sewing the blankets and burp cloths I want to finish (I have always made each of my babies a blanket, so I have to get this one done), and Craig and I actually agree on a name, before the baby is here! Will wonders never cease, we usually don’t even begin deciding until after the baby is born, but we both agreed on this one almost from the beginning, how did that happen? Since I gave all of my other baby-slings away to friends and family I will need to make myself another one, but they go together fast enough that if I don’t get it done now I know I could still make one in a pinch even after the baby arrives. Frankly I feel really ready. Ok, so I still haven’t even started on my hospital bag, but I still have time! At least I hope I do. My Doctor has already told me he is taking me early to prevent complications with the GBS, we just don’t know for sure how early.  And is it weird that I like labor? I really do, because it means it’s the end, and I’ll be holding my baby very soon. Thank heavens for those great “fast labor” genes!

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