Saturday, March 31, 2007

Before or After?

Do you like to have the enitre baby name picked out before the baby is born and tell everyone so that the baby is known by that name before being born, or do you prefer to wait and see what the baby looks like to settle on a name and then make an announcement? Have you done both, and it just depended on each child and situation? Do you have names picked out for future children? And do you have any baby name stories to tell? Any favorite names that you or your spouse love, but the other doesn’t like so you will never get to use it? Ever have any regrets or “lessons learned” with naming any of your children?
These are some of the names that were in the running with each of my children-
Dylan- Dylan, Elijah or Connor
Ciel- Abigail or Isobel/Isobella (I intended to use Ciel as part of her middle name, but it suited her better as her first name)
Noah-Noah, Jonah or Jonas
Haven- Haven, Erin, or Isobel/Isobella (we ended up using Erin as one of her middle names)
Mathes- Matheson, Brigham, Payson or Xavier
Gracen- Gracen, Emerson Jane.
I love the name “Jemima” for a girl and will never get to use it, Craig is dead set against it. Also, I learned to never give your child a name that is not visually pronounceable or they will spend the rest of their life with people stumbling all over the pronounciation at school, at the Dr’s office and basically everywhere. People mispronounce Ciel’s name all of the time, and had I spelled just a little differently, we never would have had this porblem, but it would have changed the French meaning of her name so I didn’t do it. We usually wait until the baby is born before making our final choice on the name, and we are still planning on doing that with this last baby as well. But I only have two first names I really like, and I’m 99.9% sure of the middle name, so it shouldn’t be too hard or take us very long to make the decision.

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