Thursday, March 22, 2007

32 Weeks and Man The Harpoons!

The baby is head down, the heartbeat is strong and normal, I weighed the same so no weight gained since last visit (yes really) and I’m measuring exactly at 32 weeks. The Dr. asked me if I’m any bigger this time around than previous pregnancies, and when I said yes he explained it wasn’t the baby’s size that’s making me bigger, it’s the number of pregnancies, the number of times my stomach muscles have been stretched, and the amount of water I’m carrying too. He said he doesn’t think this is a large baby, just my muscles in their 7th pregnancy combined with lots of amniotic fluid. So when I lay down my belly seems normal, but when I stand up I seem huge. Ok, I just seem huge to me, but most pregnant women feel huge at the end anyways, although I’m still feeling cute and pregnant and I like my baby belly. I had some crazy swelling in my legs and feet earlier this week (and I do mean crazy) that caused them to look like tree trunks for about two days, it was weird. He told me that while it would be extremely rare for me to come down with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension in my 7th pregnancy, it’s not out of the realm of possibilty, and to come right in next time for a quick check for safety’s sake (but if I did have it, he said he would personally be writing my case up for publication, it was that unusual, but again, not impossible).    We also talked about what would happen if this baby were breech (which thankfully it’s not), given my previous history of deliveries, if a “version” didn’t work (where they manually manipulate your stomach to try and turn the baby which I’ve heard it’s not pleasant), he would bring in a specialist for a consult and then go ahead and let me deliver without a c-section. He said as long as I was comfortable with it, and depending on how the feet were positioned, it would be safer than a surgical c-section for me. I thought that was interesting, and frankly I would prefer that over a c-section if I could, but since the baby has already been kind enough to turn, I don’t have to deal with that. But good to know. So all is well, we’re still doing great, and if I could just beat this lame acid reflux, it would be even better. But seriously, I can’t complain, I am so close to being done and having this little one here, I am really excited. And what a huge difference between my November & January pics and the ones I took today, talk about good growing!

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