Monday, November 9, 2009

her achy breaky haircut…my achy breaky heart

So far the ONLY child of mine to ever cut their own hair (or any hair for that matter) is Gracen. She hacked off several large chunks a little over a year ago, and had only just recently grown out her bangs and the right side so that her hair was a cute bob, and all one length. I thought she was beyond the personal hair butchering phase. I thought that was it. Nope, I was very, very wrong. Gracen decided that she needed a new style. A retro look that is not often seen, where the front is short and the back is long. In other horrifying words, a mullet.





Why!?!?!? Why!?!?!!? For the love of all that is holy, why?!?!?!?

While I was putting dinner into the crock pot, she was in my bathroom with a pair of scissors. She cut off her cute all-on-length bangs, and hacked off the majority of the right side again, and this time a large chunk of the left. Afterwards, when I asked her why she cut her hair she replied "Because is was loooong! It was long like this!" as she pulled the sides of her hair up and out to demonastrate what she thinks is a valid reason. Sorry, that's not reason enough for me. Ugh! The last time she mangled her hair I was able to fix it myself. Not this time though. This time requires professional help. Stat. I keep telling myself it's only hair, and it will always grow back. Just not fast enough for me to laugh about this yet.

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