Friday, November 6, 2009

very good

The surgery went well today, and I was home in 3 hours and 15 minutes, start to finish. We left the house at 11:45am and we arrived back home at 3pm, just as the kids got home from school. My mom was kind and sweet enough to come out to watch the little ones while we were gone. I am typing with my left hand, slowly but surely, so this will be brief. My entire hand is still numb from the surgery meds, and will be for at least 48  hours, so no pain.


My hand is oompa loompa orange from the betadine wash, a bit puffy and swollen, and I only have a small cut from the laparoscopic procedure, so I am on track to heal quickly. And the "YES!" was drawn on with a sharpie by my doc before the procedure to ensure they operated on thr correct hand. I feel fine, just a bit groggy and tired from the meds in surgery. I was fine when I got home I ate some soup, then at 4:30pm I laid down to rest and ended up sleeping unyil 9pm. I woke up feeling good, but still a little tired from the meds from the surgery still. And I was told I can start back up with my sewing in about a week, for which I am ever grateful and thrilled. Thank you for all of you kind words and well wishes, you all rock!!!


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