Wednesday, November 11, 2009

day six

Well, I have an appointment with my ever amazing hair stylist on Saturday morning to see what can be done with Gracen's hair. In the meantime, I have bought any and every cute headband I could get my hands on to try and cover up and/or distract from the hack job on her head. So far it's only kind of working. Oh well. As for my hand, I am still trying to not overdo it but I am sure most of you know just how hard that can be in reality when you are a mom. Tomorrow is the day the bandage comes off, and I can hardly wait to see what it looks underneath. I know, I am going to be so underwhelmed, but my curiosity is still piqued. Anyways, I can do a lot with my right hand already except a lot of lifting. It has no real strength, and it hurts if too much weight is put on it so, still somewhat limited. I can type at my normal speed though, except it hurts to do that for too long still, but I am happy to have my dominant hand back in action. I didn't need any ibuprofen today whatsoever, and I'm feeling very good and thrilled with my speedy recovery. Seriously, I have no complaints about my surgery and recovery, it has been so good. I am however heartily sick of tv and the computer these days and I am literally feeling crazed with there being no way for me to do any thing I would normally do to decompress or entertain myself. No sewing, crochet, embroidery, knitting, nothing. Ugh. Sorry, I know it's a stupid complaint (sorry to be such a whiner), but seriously, even after these few days I am really hating the very few means of entertainment available to me right now. So, are you doing anything fun and creative, because I am dying to live through you vicariously and I so want to be jealous of you right now. Seriously, jealous beyond words. So I would love to see what you're doing, my mind is going to implode upon itself if I don't get some more of my crafty fix on and soon.

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