Wednesday, November 4, 2009

twirly girly

A few weeks ago I made this winter holiday twirl dress for a certain little birthday girl.

I used fabrics that had a winter theme instead of using all-out holiday prints so it was not just a Christmas dress. I wanted her to be able to wear it throughout the winter months right up until Spring if she wants. And I made sure there were polka dots, because I love polka dots, they're just so fun.


My favorite, of course, is the cute print with the fat little birds on it. Seriously, they are killing me with their total chubby cuteness, they're all so round and adorable.


I really enjoyed making this dress, and it was easy enough and went together with little trouble, so I immediately started in making several for Haven and Gracen. I have numerous projects I am desperately trying to finish before my hand surgery on Friday, since I will have to set it all aside for a little while until my hand is healed enough to allow me to start back into my projects again. So until then I am spending every moment I can working on these last few things. I will try and get the general measurements and such I used to make these posted on here in the next few days so that anyone else that wants to make one of these can have a go at it. But take warning, these dresses have a lot of twirl. Which in the case of my two girls is a very, very good thing since they absolutely love that feature in a dress.

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