Sunday, November 29, 2009

after the fact

We had a wonderful time with family, the food was delicious, and I have never been so organized as I was this Thanksgiving. Making the pies and a few other key items the day before made the biggest difference. Although this also gave a certain little monkey boy named Finn the opportunity to sneak into the fridge and taste test a few of the pies as well as mangle a few crusts along the way. I just served around his little handprint. Such a little punk.

This is all that is left of the desserts.

No worries though, Finn is ready to help me dispose of any leftover desserts. And he doesn't even need a spoon. What a little helper.

I was especially excited to use my beautiful set of turkey dishes this year, which looked even better when combined with my set of white holiday dishes . And lets not forget my dollar store glass goblets. They look nice, they go with everything, and if one breaks, no loss since I only paid $1. Total happiness.

I had ambitious intentions when I bought this fabric and ribbon, wanting to stitch up some lovely cloth napkins for my table, but alas I ran out of time. Maybe next year?

And here is my little punk Finn again. Wearing a laundry hamper. This is a constant form of entertainment at our house. My kids are weird.


So anyways, we had a lovely day with family, the food was delicious thanks to everyone and their tasty contributions, and there was lots of talking and laughing which is always so much fun regardless. And the only leftovers we have is a bowl of cranberry sauce, which will be gone by this evening since I have a 'cranberry chicken' recipe at the ready to take care of that minor detail. Hope everyone had a lovely day!

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