Thursday, November 12, 2009

…and done

At my follow-up appointment this morning, the Dr. cut off the bandage, removed the three stitches from my wrist and placed three Steristrips on the site of the incision. I am still sporting one last drawing courtesy of my Dr. mapping out the surgery I guess, and the skin on my hand and my wrist was also very oddly textured form the gauze being pressed into it constantly from the bandage, and it took over three hours for it to go away and my skin to regain it's normal appearance. Weird. And happily I can now get my hand wet and go about my life using it like normal, except I am not allowed to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for two more weeks.

Weirdly enough, once the bandage was gone, the tenderness in my hand was also gone. Not sure why that is, but oh well. I feel great and I can honestly say that for my first experience with any kind of surgery, this was a great one. My right hand is still noticably weaker than my left, but I am amazed at how quickly it is re-gaining strength. I do have to add though that when the bandage came off I found the incision site and the subsequent stitches to be kind of disturbing. I mean, there it was, evidence that someone had been purposely cutting into my skin, then sewed it back up with thread and everything. It looked so Frankenstein with the ridges and puckers where the edges of the cut were, it was kind of freaking me out a little. I know, I sound like such a baby, but it was just so beyond weird for me to look at it and think about it. Sorry, I just had to reaffirm to you what a total dork I am. So, enough of that. I am going to head over to my sewing table today or maybe tomorrow, depending on how my day goes, and see what I can work on. I was a goon and bought 6 yards of fabric the day before my surgery.

Enough to make four twirl dresses. I know, what kind of a moron does that? Like I even need to tell you.

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