Sunday, November 8, 2009

day three

Woke up with some dull aching in my wrist, but nothing severe, just constant. I ended up taking some OTC ibuprofen in the afternoon, and it not only helped but it seemed to give my wrist enough of a rest that it feels a lot better tonight. No more throbbing, so I have not taken anymore ibuprofen since. I managed to take a shower by myself this afternoon by holding my right hand up in the air the entire time and it never got even a drop of water on it. And this time I was able to undress and then dress myself without any help too. I know, I'm a big girl now. I kind of did my hair, but it looks pretty bad since I can't roller brush it with my hair dryer using one hand, so I look frizzy, but I smell fresh as a daisy. I will have to bribe my teenage daughter to do my hair for me sometime tomorrow when she gets home from school. I can use some of my right hand to type, so it takes me less time to write this post, but I am trying to limit the majority of my typing to my left hand so I don't over do it. I am determined to let my hand heal properly as I am dying from boredom already, so I don't want to have to be out of commission any longer than I need to be. Seriously I can only watch so much tv before I want to gouge my eyes out. Ugh! Craig and I teamed up this afternoon and made a delicious peach crisp for dessert to go with the lovely lasagna dinner my mom made for us. I had the lasagna in the oven baking, it had been in there for an hour and I went to take the foil off the top for last 15 minutes when disaster struck. The oven rack the pan was on had been taken out and put back into the oven upside down, and I didn't realize this at the time. So when I pulled the rack out 1/4 of the way to get to the pan of our supper, the rack tipped forward and slid out, dumping the pan of lasagna out, where it crashed onto the floor. It spilled most of it's lasagna-y goodness all over the floor and oven door, ending any chance at being our meal for the night. Even if I had the use of both hands, I can honestly say I still could not have stopped that from happening. Mom, I am so sorry, and Craig was even sorrier still, he LOVES lasagna and it was a bitter pill for him to swallow to be looking forward to that tasty dinner you so painstakingly made for us, only to end up eating a quickie last minute dinner of turkey dogs instead. We were able to salvage what stayed in the pan, and he made up two lunches to take to work this week instead, so he was no worse for it in the end. But I have to say, it felt like such a weird tv moment to have dinner ruined in such a spectacular fashion and in the 11th hour too. Seriously what's the deal with that?

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