Sunday, January 31, 2010

it’s a wrap

When I was sewing Haven's wrap dress, I was in love with it from the beginning, and by the time I was finished that feeling had only increased. It was such a fun dress to sew and it turned out so beautifully. Although I wondered if the reason that I was loving it so much was because I was using some much loved, and very expensive fabric. So I was curious when I made Gracen's with far less expensive materials if I would love it as much, and if it would turn out as nicely. Happily, it did. The pattern really is that good, and I love her dress just as much. I even went so far as to make my own bias tape to bind the neckline and make the ties by using an extremely handy bias tape maker (seriously, I am in love with that tool and I cannot rave about it enough). It was the perfect finish on her dress. So in the end, this dress pattern is a clear favorite of mine as it just turns out a gorgeous dress, and is ever so easy to sew. Love that. Of course the best part is that both of my girls love their dresses. And Gracen had no problem dancing for me as I took her picture. Silly girl.



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