Monday, February 8, 2010

making time for foolishness

I sat down today and started sewing one of the aprons I had previously cut out. I finished the first one with no trouble, and it was nice to have a fuss free project to work on. Especially since Craig had taken Noah and Haven snowboarding and I was trying to keep the rest of the kids entertained as I was sewing. Ciel, feeling bored, picked up my camera and began snapping away at whatever she fancied, as evidenced by the above picture. Once I finished the apron, I joined her, and we spent the next hour being very goofy and laughing ourselves silly at our dorky antics. What better way to spend an evening than acting like a total fool with your 15 year old daughter and taking pictures of it all.

Like this one Ciel snapped of me "eating" the apron.


Making my Mom proud, one picture at a time.

Or not. Nothing like poking fun at yourself with your kids for some goofy laughs though.

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