Monday, February 15, 2010

after many goofs and mistakes…

...I finally finished the baby quilt. Not that she has had her baby yet, but she is threatening to go into full blown labor any day now, so I'm happy to be ready.

After a few revisions to make up for using 45" wide fabric instead of the 60" the pattern called for, here it is all laid out before I stitched it all together. Maybe a quilt design wall would be better for this, but for now the carpeted floor will have to do.

I really love the equal mix of modern and classic in the quilt, and it didn't take long to get the top pieced so that I could put it together and quilt it. I loved tossing it into the washer and dryer knowing it would come out all crinkly and soft.

I ended up doing a pieced back due to an error of mine in not buying the right yardage for backing, and this flannel being far too expensive to just go back and get more. So I pieced it and I love it. My idiot error worked out after all.

The flannels from the "Woolies" collection are incredible, and were very easy to work with. They are incredibly soft, wash up beautifully, and they're the best flannel I have ever laid my hands on. And as for the mistakes I made along the way, well they were frustrating, but not impossible and I was able to work through all of them with a little extra effort. In other words, I still want to make more quilts. Hopefully with fewer goofs next time?

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