Sunday, January 3, 2010

totally random

Right now I am kind of mad. Not at anyone in particular.

I really like the show 'Parks And Recreation'. A lot.

Had a good and a difficult time in Primary today. My Primary class was very good. My son was not.

I really like making soup in my slow cooker.

I wish I didn't have a gigantic, pulsating, angry red zit on my chin. What am I, 13 again?

I loved the weather today.

I really love my new boots.

I am tired and will be going to bed after I post this.

I lost Rob's number, called my Dad and he gave me Rob's cell number, so I called that number, and I'm fairly certain the guy with the thick Asian accent was not my brother Rob. Unless Rob is dodging my calls and faked me out. I'm not a very good sister, so it's entirely possible.

I was busy sewing and didn't notice it was the New Year until 16 minutes after midnight.

My teenage son is really cranky anytime after 9pm.

And before 9pm too.

I still love him.

I want to grow my hair out. But I will most likely get irritated with it and get it cut short again.

Seriously, my boots are too awesome for words.

Still mad.

I miss certain people.

I wish I wasn't so shy. I always thought I would outgrow it. Guess not.

I wish I had a mindless crochet or knitting project I could work on right now, I am in need of something to take my mind off things for a while.

Maybe I'm not really mad, just irritated. And a little sad. And tired.

I'm going to read "Persuasion" for a bit before I go to bed.

I didn't do any holiday baking this year.

I hate all of this "not knowing" business. Seriously, there has to be some kind of reason. ugh.

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