Sunday, January 24, 2010

should i really be fretting over a quilt this much?

I bought the fabric to add borders to the quilt, and after laying it out to get an idea of how it would look, I love it (thanks Kerry!). But now I have a new problem. A quilting blog I frequent recently posted about a quilt she just finished, and she talked about how rough it was quilting it herself on her machine as the size of the quilt was much larger than she normally tackles. The quilt she was talking about is the same size as my quilt. And she has been doing this for years. I'm a newbie at free motion quilting having only done two doll sized and one crib quilt. Nothing so large as this current quilt. So now I'm worried. If I add the borders it will make the quilt even bigger, and I am already worried about handling it all with my machine when I try to free motion it with the size it is right now (71"x82"-inches). So I am considering these three options-

1-Forget the borders, just add the backing and batting and free motion quilt it myself as is, then add this black tone on tone print binding on the edges and call it good.

2-Trim the sides and top of the quilt enough so that when I add the borders it will come out the size it was before trimming, then back it, quilt it myself, then bind it with the same black tone on tone print as above.

3- Just go ahead and add the borders and not worry about how big the quilt ends up being afterward. Then take it to someone else and pay to have it quilted by machine (around $45-$90), and then bind it myself.


 I don't know, I feel like I'm over thinking this whole thing, and I just need to stop fretting over it. It's just a quilt. But here I am anyway. Any more suggestions?

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