Friday, January 29, 2010

annie:musical fun and a parking violation

I finished sewing the dress at 5pm. And let me just add that the pattern was difficult, not fun, and one that I will never willingly sew with again. Ugh. Moving on...

 The performance started at 7:30pm so Haven and I got ready and headed out the door for the drive to Heidi's house.

 My parents had dropped by to see the dresses Heidi and I had made for Livy and Haven.


All Annied up and ready to go.


 We left it a little too close to opening curtain, so we found the closest parking spot we could, and ran the 1 block to the theater. We made it with about 5 minutes to spare, found our seats and settled in. It was fantastic, the sets were great, the actors were well cast, and Miss Hannigan was the best. We loved it.

And because Heidi and I couldn't resist, we bought each of the girls a little silver locket that we gave to them to open during intermission so they could have a locket just like Annie, thus completing their Annie outfits. Unfortunately, the whole locket thing was totally lost on both of the girls until we explained it to them So apparently the whole locket thing that Heidi and I were squealing over and so looking forward to turned out to be more fir us than for them. Oh well, they put their lockets on and loved it, so there you go. Three fun hours later, it was over and we headed out for the car.

We had parked in the parking lot of the old V-1 and there were several other cars there with ours, with nothing posted warning us of any violations to be incurred.  That we could see when we arrived in the dark anyways. Because as it turns out there was no parking allowed. Once we came within a few feet of the Suburban, there it was. A sign taped to the window from the towing service, and a boot on both the front and back wheel. Oops. The good news was that the guy that booted us was waiting for the call, and was there within 1 minute, no joke.

 But not before I had Heidi take this picture.

And this one. Do I look sad enough? I thought so.


So, with a $70 swipe of my credit card, a few jokes with the guy removing the boot, and much laughing between Heidi and I, we were on our way.

 (Heidi drove by the next day, and was finally able to see the very badly placed signs warning of no parking. Oh well, no hard feelings.)

We had a great night, the musical was wonderful, the girls had an awesome time, we had fun all around, and Heidi and I got be act like fools more than once. Which is the way it's supposed to be right? Livy and Haven are too young to be too embarrassed by their nerdy moms for now at least. Not hard though since there was no Darth Vader around for any kissing. Maybe Daddy Warbucks?

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