Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 summed up

I debated whether or not to do a year in review for 2009. Obviously, the idea won out because here I am. So...

 We started this year off having only lived for 2 months in our new house. A house we thought we would never find. A house not only big enough for all of us, but the perfect size for us and our family and friends too. We have had many fun times here, and I am looking forward to many more get-togethers and hilarity this year as well. (Heidi, did I forget to mention HAPPY!) The flood in the kitchen set off a chain of unexpected events, taking so much longer to repair than we thought. And while it was not easy and we essentially lost most of the summer to the remodeling, in the end we were able to finish a bunch of projects that we thought were still several more years off. The new flooring is awesome, the entryway is free of the ugly faux bricks, the walls are painted, the odd second door to the girls bedroom is sealed off, the new door trim and baseboards are up, and the boys bedroom looks great. We all feel it was hard, but so very worth it once all was said and done. With the start of school once again in August, 5 of my 7 children are now in school for a full day. It's so strange and quiet with just the two littlest ones with me at home. I can hardly think what it will be like this next August once Gracen starts Kindergarten and I am left with only Finn at home. Craig and I celebrated another anniversary, with another one just around the corner.  I just love him, more than words can express. And I am still unsure how I am the mother of a child old enough to be applying to universities. It won't be easy to see him leave the nest. Don't even get me started on the dating. While Dylan is currently the only one old enough for that right now, Ciel is not far behind and will turn 16 this year. I'm not ready for it. At. All. Craig's mystery illness that put him in the hospital overnight earlier this year was short lived and we are thankful he is well and healthy these days. We have had numerous family members come and stay overnight at our house. Even my cousin and her husband made the trip all the way from Canada with her 5 insanely cute kids. We loved every minute of it. This year saw me making some new friends, as well as getting re-acquainted with several long ago friends, and I was deeply saddened with the sudden passing of one of them recently at far too young an age. I learned how to cook several delicious authentic Thai dishes courtesy of my friend Amy. I still continue to suck at responding to emails. Sorry. I have once again fallen in love with quilting for even more sewing fun. I am getting better at managing my time these days. Still not perfect, but better. We had a surprise pregnancy earlier this year,  got excited about it, then sadly had a miscarriage and struggled my way through it. Only to get pregnant again and then have another miscarriage right before Christmas. Still working my way through this one, but feeling oddly more prepared for it than last time. Doesn't make it easier. My family does though. Family rocks. Family by blood or otherwise, you all rock. And I love you. I became an Auntie again this year, and I have a new (second?) cousin as well. Two very handsome and cute boys that melt my heart with their many smiles. Craig and I, along with lots of my family, made the effort and managed to can and preserve a ton of stuff this Fall. Our success has only encouraged us to want to do even more this year. Haven got glasses, the third of my children to have been cursed with my wretched eyesight genes. Sorry kids. Ciel has made the decision to switch from the violin to the upright bass. Dylan is still playing cello, along with the drums and guitar. We are still driving the Suburban, although I keep wishing the Taurus would die a fiery death. Dylan bought his own car so I am no longer stuck without a vehicle anymore during the day. So, overall this last year has been very busy, with some heartache, lots of good and happy things, moments of sadness, lots of excitement, and all of it has still felt strangely peaceful to me. With the start of this New Year, I am looking forward to whatever it brings. And I wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year, and many good and wonderful things to come your way.

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