Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed all weekend long.


Much to my childrens delight.

Finn loved playing outside in the snow with the big kids.

And catching snowflakes on his tongue. Goofball.


After living in this house for over a year, we finally got the curtains put up in the living room. No more free peep shows.

I decided that starching and pinning every single snowflake on the garland was ludicrous and would take about a month to finish, so I strung it over the pine garland on the bannister. I like it.

Using string, tape, and a ruler, I laid out a grid over top of a quilt I'm putting together so that I could tie it somewhat evenly. I finished tying it last night and I plan on binding the edges today.

I made five loaves of Honey White Bread yesterday afternoon. By this morning there was only one loaf left. At least I know they like the bread.

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