Monday, December 7, 2009


I have been crocheting up a storm, a literal snowstorm of snowflakes. Yep, I went overboard. What else is new.

I love how they turn out so fuzzy and soft looking, just like those big fluffy snowflakes you get sometimes.


It was just as much fun to make them into a garland.

Here is my do-it-yourself starch board I made with several pieces of cardboard, tape and some plastic wrap.  Woo, fancy! I soaked each snowflake in liquid starch then shaped and pinned them, and waiting for them to dry. It's going to take me longer to starch and pin this entire garland than it did to crochet the whole thing. Funny.

(the pattern for the two thread-weight snowflakes on the starch board are 'HERE' and 'HERE' in case you want to try these.)

These snowflakes are simple, quick, easy, fun, and addictive. Want to have some snowflake fun too? Go 'HERE' for the pattern. It's free, super easy, and you can either make single snowflakes or crochet them into a garland, its all up to you. Want more snowflake patterns to choose from? Go 'HERE' and hope you have fun. I know I am!

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