Wednesday, January 13, 2010

similar patterns, different outcomes

About two weeks ago, using this pattern...

I made this dress for Gracen.


Gracen herself is totally adorable, of course, and as for the dress...well I like it, but I just don't love the dress. The pattern was well written, easy to use and follow and it all came together fairly easily, but in the end it just didn't turn out the way I had wanted. And that's ok, it happens sometimes.

My little Gracen is still super cute though.

Here she is, telling me that she was done, it was too cold and she was going inside. What kind of a mean Mom makes her child go outside in winter without a coat on just to get a good shot of a dress that she only likes and doesn't love? That would be me. So mean. Anyways, I am hopeful that I will like this pattern better when sewn up into a top instead. Maybe next time.

Then last Saturday, I started in with this pattern by 'Patchwork Kids' (on Etsy).


In only a few hours time I was done, and I was in love with the end result. I LOVE this pattern.  Love. It. I think I need to marry it.

While both dresses looked fairly similar, there were some key diferences between them. The Kyoko dress is a mock wrap, with set in sleeves, an obi sash, with a loose fit and a pullover style.

This dress is a true wrap dress, with the sleeves already a part of the bodice so there is no need to fuss with getting the sewn on, a ruffle at the neckline that I felt could also be left off if you wanted a slightly different look with another dress, and I liked the way it fit and flowed better than the Kyoko. The wrap dress pattern is very smartly done and well written, and very easy to use. It's clearly my favorite of the two.


Haven's dress turned out beautifully, and she absolutely loved it (as did I!). It's looks gorgeous on her and I cannot say enough good things about this dress and this pattern. Seriously, it's a no brainer. I am hoping to get a chance to snag some more fabric this week for a few more versions of this dress for both girls, as I am just so happy with it. I love it when everything comes together and you get a great pattern and the happy result of a gorgeous dress when you are done.


And yes, more shots of my poor girls outside, without one bit of winter gear in sight. Such a crummy mom.

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