Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Never Far Behind

It’s so funny to see my little Gracen running as fast as she can behind the other kids, trying to keep up with them. Amazingly she does, and she is always right there in the middle of the fun, playing right along with them and being one of the “big kids”. She may be a smurf, but she doesn’t seem to be aware of it, and she hasn’t let it get in the way of whatever she sets her mind to doing. I love her determined little spirit and her funny little personality, she keeps us all entertained with her quirky antics. Gracen loves to play with Haven and Mathes the most, but sometimes Haven thinks Gracen is her own personal baby and loves to play with her as one too. Gracen will put up with it for a little while, then gets tired of it and gives Haven a piece of her mind.
Gracen also loves playing with dolls, so she and Haven can ususally be found hunkered over the doll cradle with their “babies”, pretending to be little mommies. Although lately, Gracen has become Mathes’ shadow, following him everywhere and copying EVERYTHING he does. If he drums on the table, then she has to do it too, if he climbs onto the couch and jumps off, she’s right behind him ready to take her turn. I know she’s little, but her size is deceiving. And while she’s a little sweetheart and gives kisses and hugs out like there’s no tomorrow, she’s the toughest baby of any of my kids, ever, and she loves to be in on all of the fun and excitement. So watch out world, Gracen is a force to be reckoned with, and heaven help those that stand in her way.

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