Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Nutcracker

Last year, Haven somehow ended up watching a production of the Nutcracker Ballet on TV, and ever since then has loved it. So when I saw that tickets for a local production of it were on sale, I hurried and made arrangements to go. I asked my Mom to go with me and Haven, and she thought it was a great idea since we both love the music, even though we aren’t usually big ballet fans. So on Saturday, we got dressed up and headed to the theatre. I wondered if the balcony seats we had would be any good, and I have to say, they were incredible. Our view was clear, unobstructed, and still close so that you didn’t miss a thing on stage. I would sit in those seats happily anytime, for any production, the theatre is the perfect size so that any seat is really a great one.
It was so fun to see so many other little girls there, and most of them were also decked out in their best dresses. There was a lot of velvet, tulle and sparkling satin, and even a few tiaras which I thought was so much fun. Haven was transfixed as soon as the curtain went up, and my Mom and I took turns quietly whispering to her what each scene was about so that the story made more sense. I loved the dance of the sugar plum fairies with the snow, and also the part with Mother Ginger. Haven loved it when Clara was made a princess and had all of the different dancers to celebrate the occasion. My Mom and I both were surprised at how fast it seemed to go, it never felt like 2 hours to either of us.
Afterwards, my Mom and I both agreed we would be doing this every year, and we can’t wait to go with Heidi and Korby and whichever kids will want to come with us the next year. I already have it planned to make it into a whole day, and I can’t wait to do this again. It was just so wonderful to be able to take my little girl, and be with my Mom and go to such a fun event together. I even teared up twice at just that thought, being that I was so happy just to be there with the two of them. And I’m not chalking that up to pregnant hormones, my Mom later told me that she teared up too for the same reason, we were both just so happy, and it was such a wonderful time for the three of us.
Afterwards we went to the store and I let Haven pick out a little red nutcracker of her own, and she was thrilled to have one. As soon as we got home Haven wanted a nightgown just like Clara had, and luckily I had one cut out and ready to sew from my project pile. So I put on the Barbie Nutcracker, sat her down and I went to work on a ruffled nighty for her to wear to bed that night. The pattern is a fast one, so I was done as soon as the movie ended, and she happily went off to bed in her Clara nighty and pantaloons holding onto her little nutcracker prince. Don’t be too surprised if you hear about me sewing a Clara dress next, I think it would be so fun to make her one, but I need to get a few other things done first.
So here’s to next year, and all of the fun we get to plan for, and I’m sure we will have. And I am hoping to convince C to go too, I think she would love it, and I was very sorry she didn’t come with us. She hated the last ballet she saw on a school field trip, so she really didn’t want to go with us since she thought this would be really boring too. This production of the Nutcracker was so lively, colorful and fun, I think she would have enjoyed herself though, and I hope she will give it a try when we go next year.

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