Thursday, November 9, 2006

A Favorite Birthday Memory Of Mine, But Probably Not For My Brother

When I was growing up, sometimes I didn’t always get along with my brother Rob. Actually we rarely got along and fought a lot about really dumb stuff. He loved to tease me about anything and everything, and I of course fell for the bait every time. The older we got, the better we got along, and we don’t bicker like that anymore, but I do remember one time however where Robby had it dished out, literally, and for once he was the recipient of the teasing.
   Rob used to be really germaphobic about his food. He didn’t like anyone touching, breathing, or much less looking at his food (he’s not like this any more in case you’re wondering). We were having a family birthday dinner for me, I believe it was my 15th birhtday(?), and I felt like Rob had been pushing my buttons a little bit extra that day (whether he was or not, remember, I was his sister, and a teen, so it was all drama then). I was in the kitchen with my sisters and my cousin Kezia, and we were dishing up the cake and ice cream for everyone.
   I must have been fuming about Rob or something while I was in there with the other girls, because Kezia turned to me with a bowl of chocolate cake, gave the top of the cake a huge long lick with her tongue, plopped a scoop of ice cream into the bowl and said Happy Birthday Heather! She then walked right into the family room where my brother Rob was, and gave him the “tainted” dessert. And yes, he ate it, the saliva cake and all. To this day I still don’t know if he ever found out or not. I love my brother Rob a lot, and he and I stopped the fighting a long time ago, but I have to admit, that was one of my favorite birthday presents, ever.

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