Wednesday, November 8, 2006

You Put WHAT In Your Hair?!?!!

Shortly after I wrote the post below (Never Far Behind), I went about trying to pick up the house. There were stray toys strewn about, some dirty clothes to take to the laundry room, and the kids had pulled a bunch of videos off the shelf in the basement so I set about to try and get things looking neater. I wasn’t gone, I was just in and out of the rooms as I picked up, but we all know how fast our kids can get into mischief. Apparently Gracen and Mathes had baited me with the mess and used it to distract me for a few minutes because that was all it took for Mathes to get the tub of Vaseline down, take off the lid, and give it to Gracen to play with. And play she did.
When I came back in the room she had it ALL over her clothes, face, neck, hands, legs/tights, and worst of all, in her hair. And we’re not talking just a little bit. She had gobbed it into her hair and smeared it around for good measure. One side of her hair was sticking up and out to the side all crazy too, and she looked like a grease bomb. I got her into the bath, and did as the instructions I got from the internet told me, and put cornstarch in her hair and then shampooed the heck out of it. It worked fairly well, and I got the gobs out, but her hair still has a Vaseline residue, and I’m pretty sure it will be there for a few days too. (Banna, this brought back memories of our moisturizing hair treatment gone bad experience.)
I’m still mystified as to why Mathes only opened the lid and then gave it to Gracen without playing in it himself. I guess he decided to let someone else get into trouble this time. The pictures above are of little miss wicky pants in the Vaseline, then afterwards in the bath with the cornstarch in her hair to try and get the goo out. She looked pretty funny and just thought it was an extra treat to get two tubbies in one day since I had given her a bath earlier this morning. So naughty, and yet still so cute. How can you be mad at that sweet little face?

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