Thursday, August 20, 2009

lay tile floor in laundry room-check!

I sealed the grout on our newly tiled laundry room floor yesterday, which only took a few hours to dry. This meant that my washer and dryer have been moved back and hooked up again, so I can now tackle the terrifying piles of laundry that have gone unwashed these last 5 days. Which we were in desperate need of since I was a few loads of laundry behind the day Craig started in on that room. Translation: we stink. Or at least we used to. Last night I did three loads of laundry, so this morning we are all fresh as a daisy and no longer wearing "clean dirties". Thank heaven.

Now to get caught up by washing the other 4 loads left. Three of which are loads made up entirely of towels alone. Scary. The new floor was well worth any hassle though, I love it. Many thanks to my husband Craig and my son Dylan, you both did an amazing job putting the floor in.

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