Tuesday, August 18, 2009

demolition and rated ‘R’ flooring

So we ripped the sheetrock off of the walls in the entry way and all around the front door. I had no end of helpers as all of my children wanted in on the demolition too. And why not, you get to hammer holes in the wall and not get into big trouble. Even Dylan's friends that were over begged for a turn with the sledge hammer. Like I said we had no end of help. And of course I found my camera today, just in time to not get pictures of all of the cuteness of my kidlets yesterday ripping down the sheetrock, but of the last 45 minutes as we finished a few leftover spots today and then we were done. Blast.

I loved watching as Finn and Gracen put every bit of their little bodies into the swing of the hammer when it was their turn, they were both so determined. We did have to wrestle the hammer away from Finn numerous times as he attempted to knock holes in several walls that were not slated for demolition. He's such a helper.

We were finished in no time, and Craig is ready to start putting up the new sheetrock this week.

Ciel had a hard hat and safety glasses from her shop class last year, so of course we had to bust them out to make sure we were "safe" while we worked.

I totally rock the telephone line repairman look


And this pose is prime evidence I have been hanging out with Heidi a lot lately.

But in the end, Ciel rocks it cuter.

And weirder.


But still so cute.

The office door looks kind of forlorn now. Aww.

You would be amazed at the ugliness of the wallpaper hiding underneath it all. Seriously, it was country fruit and cottages in a bad stencil print gone very, very wrong. Since when did cottages and fruit exemplify "country"?

Anyways, we are well on our way to a new and improved entry way, and the mess is only temporary.


We also ordered our flooring today, which I am very excited about. We went with the "Bolivian Mahogany", if not for the gorgeous color, than for the exotic and sexy way it sounds as it rolls off the tongue. "Bolivian Mahogany". See. Who knew flooring could be so sensual. And this one is also reputed to be very hardy, and not easily scratched or dented. Just what I need in a floor with hordes of small children running rampant around here. And sometimes they have hammers.

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