Thursday, August 13, 2009

as i type this… (woo hoo!!!)

As I type this, the last cabinet has been re-installed in my kitchen, and the countertops are going back on next. And there are workmen in my basement installing sheetrock, painting and re-installing the light fixture.  While I'm not sure when the appliances or sink will be re-installed, I am just thrilled we are getting there. This whole thing has not been nearly as bad or as hard as I had feared. And after all of the fretting over it, we have decided not to re-do the countertops and we are instead pushing forward with several other projects that we would like to get done instead. One such project is to refinish the wall in our entry that is covered with thinly cut rectangles of mdf that have been nailed to the wall, textured and then painted, all in a failed effort to look like bricks. I hated it. So this morning I took a hammer and ripped each and every fake brick off of the wall in preparation for Craig's plan to re-do a bunch of sheetrock there and on the north wall facing it.

Here it is after I pulled the first few "bricks" off on the lower right side.

And only 15 minutes later, here is the end result. Anything is better than that hideous fake brick.


The plan for this weekend is to take the kids and vacate to my Mom's so my husband can tile the floor in the laundry room. Woo hoo! I can hardly wait!

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