Monday, August 17, 2009

a kitchen sink is a good thing to have


This may not seem all that monumental, but after nearly two weeks without a kitchen sink I realized very quickly just how much I used and depended on my kitchen sink. Things were starting to get desperate. When the plumber arrived to install everything this morning, I swear I was ready to beg for his autograph and scream like a crazed groupie, I was that happy to see him. Life without a kitchen sink stinks. Period. So I am now the happy and content owner of a gorgeous stainless steel kitchen sink. And since I can't find my camera, these stock pics will just have to do.

Here is what my sink looks like...

with this faucet...

Yes, I kept my same faucet since I love it and felt no need to replace it as of yet. And even though I will not have a dishwasher for a few more weeks, I don't care. Seriously. Life is good with a kitchen sink. Very. Very. Good.

Yay kitchen sink!

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