Tuesday, April 10, 2007

They’re a Bunch of Goofs

Haven, who turns 6 in June, loves to play with her little 2 year old sister Gracen. They are constantly running from one thing to the next, and Gracen pretty much copies any and everything Haven does, and it’s pretty funny to hear them talk to each other too. Yesterday, Haven was being particularly bossy with Gracen, who decided she was done and went off to see what the boys were doing. Haven wasn’t standing for her traitorous behavior for a second, and promptly tried to drag Gracen over to “time-out” where she felt Gracen needed to be for “disobeying orders”. Gracen resisted and managed to escape Haven grip, and ran down the hall to find me. I heard her yelling back to Haven “I tell Mom!” several times, which made me laugh so hard. Gracen has already learned the art of “tattling” and I’m sure this is just the beginning.
Gracen also has no problem telling her siblings to “share please”! But it’s not her favorite word to hear if she has to share one of her toys or treats herself, although she will share, just not always with a smile. She also loves to get ahold of ANY toy Mathes has, becasue it HAS to be a super fun toy if Mathes is playing with it. Thankfully Mathes (he turns 4 in June) is quite patient with her, and is pretty good about letting her have some turns too with his toys. And sometimes Gracen will convince him to play with her and her dollhouse, even though sometimes Mathes makes the dolls die a violent “death by dinosaur”. She still goes along him since she just loves to be in the middle of the sibling fun. I have to say, life as a Mom is never boring, and I am always laughing at the goofy stuff my kids do. What did I do for entertainment before I had my little monkeys?

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