Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Small Hiccup

We almost had a baby today. The Dr. felt that since I had dilated to 4 cm already and I was contracting too often and too regularly, and given my history of fast deliveries and the need to get the antibiotics in me in a certain time frame before the baby arrives, that is was safer to try and induce me today. So Craig and I went in this morning with the plan of having a baby, Dr. Lish was going to see if he could get my labor started. But due to some complications, it’s been postponed. In fact, we are now not sure if I will even be induced on Tuesday, so I will have to see what’s going on. The baby is fine and doing well, and so am I, the complications are not severe and will be able to be worked out, quickly I hope. Without going into any squirm inducing details, let me just say that most of it is because of the baby’s current position (no, not breech, still head down). The baby had previously been completely engaged, and suddenly the baby moved back up and I had gone from 4cm dilated to 3cm, and the Dr. was worried there might be some other issues at work so we decided to play it safe and wait and so there is going to be some “wait and see” action until we know what the new plan will be. I go back in tomorrow (Monday) for another assessment, and I should hopefully know more then.
I finished the new car seat cover on Friday, and it turned out better than I expected, I am very pleased. I also managed to sew some burp cloths, and two little outfits for Gracen, four for Haven, and three for the baby. They are perfect for the warm weather ahead and went together with very little fuss. I think the only sewing I have to finish now is a quilt I promised to Mathes, and an unfinished baby quilt I stumbled across from two years ago that needs to be tied and bound. I will have to see what I can do. I am hopeful that I can have the baby this week, but if not then it’s OK, then I know the baby must not be ready. I have made it this far, a few more days, while they can seem long at times, are really nothing in the larger scheme of things. Besides, I am still sewing, so I just might get even more done than I originally thought!

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