Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oh Sweet Relief

Well, I am happy to say that I am closer to being done than I thought. My due date is in 20 days (May 14th), but happily, I am going to be induced in 7. My favorite part about all of this is that my Dr. is the one who doesn’t want to wait, he is getting worried that this baby will deliver so quickly that there won;t be enough time to get in all of the pennicillin for the GBS. Although he and I both agree that it’s best to get to week 38 before we do anything, we don’t want to take any chances of having complications, and being that far along is the best possible scenario for me. I am grateful to have an end date now since I am just at the point that my hips are killing me, I can’t sleep, the acid reflux is a nightmare, and I keep having tons of contractions, most recently, back labor. I’m sorry to complain, I am just so done, and feeling so huge and tired. The good news is that I cleaned and readied the car seat, my hospital bag is packed, I have everything at the ready and the baby has been fairly consistent about being active (it’s so reassuring to feel those little kicks and stuff). At my appointment today I am a good 3, almost a 4, and the Dr. and I agree that Tuesday sounds like the perfect day to have the baby. There is no way I am going to last until my actual due date, and for that I am so grateful. So until then I am busily finishing up all of my nesting, and maybe I’ll even cram in a little bit of sewing if I can. I just can’t believe that in one weeks time we will have a new little baby! I can hardly wait. So here’s to never going over my due date. I’m so happy, excited and relieved, I think I’ll cry.

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