Thursday, March 25, 2010

it all evens out

-Gracen decided to take an emery board and run it back and forth across the screen of the computer monitor, leaving numerous deep scratches directly across the middle of the screen. Urg.

-I finished reading 'The Half-Blood Prince' again, and he still dies. Did I really think the ending was going to change? Did I really think I wasn't going to cry just as hard the second time around. Because I did. Stupid, sad, horrible ending. Moving on to book #7.

-Haven is having problems at school with two girls that are her friends one minute, and her mortal enemies the next. And I am feeling woefully inadequate as I am trying to her help navigate through this. How can girls be so very mean at only 8 years old?

-I said the opening prayer at the Relief Society Dinner on Wednesday night, and I somehow ended up using the word "sistership" instead of what I really meant to say, which was of course "sisterhood". And even as I type this, they both sound lame and I'm pretty sure my prayer was rambling and garbled. Note to self, I suck at public praying.

-At this same dinner, the cake I brought was the most sought after, and demolished in a matter of minutes. J-ello poke cake may be simplistic, but everyone loves it, so how can you go wrong.

-I finally got my hair done, after neglecting it for several months, and I feel so much better.

-I have three baskets of clean laundry that have been waiting to be folded for 4 days straight. And today will make day number 5...

-My washing machine is out of order until the new part arrives. And I was already behind a few loads, so my laundry room is getting scary. Scented candles will only mask so much.

-I did enough laundry the day before my machine broke so that we are not going to have to go naked, and we won't have to resort to washing anything in the sink. I hope.

-I'm still upset about the way book #6 ends. Why did it have to be that way? Why?

-I still have not scheduled an appointment with the Dr. for Gracen's Kindergarten check-up and to pick up copies of her current vaccination records. She supposed to be getting registered next Monday, and I am supposed to have all of that done by then.

-I received an unexpected and completely hilarious gift in the mail the other day, and I still have not called to thank the incredibly clever, funny, and cool sender. I am such an ingrate. But the gift still has me giggling, even as I type this.

-I finally figured out the exact measurements of salt, onion powder, and garlic powder that I like mixed in to the flaked tuna and mayonnaise when I make a tuna fish sandwich so it comes out just the way I like it every time. It's about time, eh.

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