Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy st. patrizio’s day

While I do have quite a lot of Irish ancestors, courtesy of my Mother's side of the family (shh, don't tell Granny!), I find the smell of cooking corned beef and cabbage to be totally unbearable. I can eat it with no problem, it's just the smell as it simmers away that drives me away. So, needless to say, I prepared a decidedly different menu for out supper last night. While I kept it all green, it leaned far more to the Italain side than the Irish. Our meal was made up of garlic bread sprinkled with parsley, a fresh green tossed salad, and pesto pasta with potatoes (recipe courtesy of Holly). Dessert was a simple, but very tasty green J-ello poke cake with a lime green tinted whipped cream frosting. What can I say, J-ello poke cakes are easy to throw together, and I have no end of little helpers that can poke the holes all of the cake for me. And my kidlets never cease to be amazed when I set their slice in front of them, and they can see the streaks of J-ello in the cake. I must admit, I still thrill a bit each time I see it too. Lame? Maybe, but it's still a yummy cake, no denying it.

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